Simone Scazzocchio was born in Rome, on April 30, 1981. Hi musical life began at the age of five, when he started playing the recorder at school. After a few months he began playing the same melodies he was learning at school on the piano at home. Piano became his passion.  He soon began studying classical music, and his enthusiasm for music continued to grow.  At the age of 14 Simone discovered synthesizers and MIDI software, a discovery that prompted a significant revolution in his musical development: it was the beginning of an ever-growing passion for composition. Simone started writing his own music and his own arrangements. Although he preferred writing to performing, he continued to study and enjoy classical piano. At the age of 16 he earned his Diploma in Teoria e Solfeggio (Diploma in Solfeggio and Theory) at the conservatory L. Refice in Frosinone.
Aware of the importance of every aspect of music, Simone took on several projects at once. From 2000 to 2006 he enrolled in a Musicology Degree Program in Rome: DAMS (Discipline arti musica e spettacolo, Disciplines of Art, Music, Entertainment). For this program he studied in detail subjects such as History of Music, Psychology of Music, Physics of Sound, Semiotics of Music, Ethnomusicology, and many other aspects of musical culture. He earned his Musicology degree with the maximum grade of 110/110. While studying, Simone also worked as a composer and arranger for several local bands, as keyboard player, and as Assistant Sound Engineer. He simultaneously earned the “Diploma di Quinto Anno” in piano (2002) at the conservatory L’ Refice in Frosinone.
In 2005 Simone worked with Tony Canevale, an active Roman composer. He assisted in the production of several songs and two CDs, including “L’ infinito dentro noi,” at the time the latest CD of Anonimo Italiano, a well-known Italian artist. During these years Simone spent much of his free time and energy developing his skills as a composer.  He devoted himself to a comprehensive self-training that focused on his studies in musicology, rather than the more traditional composition path. With this vision he wrote several songs, orchestral pieces, and electronic music.
I During the first year of College (2000) Simone also began taking an interest in film music, and he wrote the score of several short movies. His growing fascination with film music led him to participate in an intensive Film Scoring Summer Program in Edinburgh in 2005. It was here that he met Hummie Mann (leader of the program), a Berklee College of Music Alumni and well-known Hollywood composer. When Simone played his music for him, Hummie encouraged him to apply to Berklee College of Music and offered to recommend him.  As soon as Simone finished his degree in Musicology, he went to Barcelona to audition for Berklee. He was awarded a scholarship upon acceptance and enrolled as a dual major in Film Scoring and Classical Composition. During his time at Berklee (2007-2010) Simone participated in countless projects as conductor, composer and arranger. Simone graduated with highest honors in May, 2010, and is now actively working in the Boston area.